For many years a very powerful and empathetic support in enjoying life!


A great bass player (also one third of the band »Tuomi«) with a really individual sound and much affinity to delicacy and tranquility (that I also have adopted over the years).


My favourite tenor sax player now, with his own sound and heart!


Drummer and co-writer of the Carsten Daerr Trio, we have notched up more than ten thousand kilometers with him! He can really get cracking and be sensitive as well.


My dear brother, clarinet player and teacher of Alexander Technique (because of him a few pennies have dropped with me).


Hella Macheleidt-Daerr, it's hard to imagine my musical development without her as coach and support! She is the artistic assistant, coach and manager of the »Rilkelieder« project. And she introduced me to the energy work of »One-Light-Healing-Touch«, which recharges me every day.


ZWith »Tuomi« we had wonderful concerts and unforgettable experiences in the most different places of the world.


Another Rilke enthusiast like me and the perfect, empathetic singer and co-founder of »Rilkelieder«.


He was my singing teacher in 1996 – now I play with him in a wonderful and refreshing duo! Working with the two Hungarian musicians in Budapest went like clockwork and was very inspiring.


the label (Steffi Marcus & Wolfgang Loos) that supports and promotes, trusts and inspires me - the label I trust and support and inspire - giving and taking, that's how it should be!


Uwe Steinmetz, long-standing and much-valued co-musician, fellow-sufferer and duo partner of »Inheritance«; our two weeks in India brought unforgotten and invaluable experiences (and funny photos).