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»I can still remember my first conscious perception of music as a small child: Sounds of the Peruvian flute – at least that's what I now think it was (at the time I didn't even know it was ›music‹). As a child this experience was accompanied by an inner image and an inner space: Lovely, deep, huge and dark, as high as a cathedral with its windows and their rich play of colour. I was deeply moved and completely stunned: What is this?

Today (when I can account for some of what happened) I slowly get access again to this dimension of music, after spending valuable decades learning, practicing, studying, understanding and not-understanding, decades of suffering and rejoicing, of fighting and giving up, of being successful and failing as well as pacing incredibly complex structures and discovering unbelievable simplicity.

So-called ›complexity‹: Isn't it really simplicity we don't understand? Just as it is now – only difficult to be understood intellectually and to be named? And don't we simply call something ›chaos‹ or ›coincidence‹ that is too hard to comprehend? Aren't many things perhaps too simple and not too difficult to understand? And aren’t things beyond reason sometimes too easily excluded from or way of life? My musical projects reflect various stages and levels of these discoveries. It is ensemble playing with other musicians that provokes me again and again to throw overboard recently established as well as tried and tested concepts of music

carsten daerr

Born in Berlin in 1975, Carsten Daerr was taking classical piano lessons from 1982 to 1995. Further on he studied jazz-piano at the Hochschule der Kuenste (HdK) in Berlin with Kirk Nurock and Hubert Nuß and composition with o.a. James Knapp and Maria Schneider.
Since 1998 he is involved in band projects of his own such as »Tuomi« (with Carlos Bica [double bass] and Kristiina Tuomi [vocals]), Carsten Daerr Trio, Marc Wyand Quartet and as a duo with trumpeter Sven Klammer. He has performed and/or recorded with a.o. Michael Schiefel, the Till Brönner Quintett, Christopher Dell, Christof Lauer, Nasheet Waits und Bunky Green. Since 1998 Carsten Daerr, the bass player Oliver Potratz and the drummer Eric Schaefer have formed the »Carsten Daerr Trio«. Since 2001 Carsten Daerr has been teaching music, also lecturing at the »Jazz Institut der Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt« in Weimar since 2007.